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CEO Greeting

Our endless challenge towards our dreams promise<br />the highest quality of value which our business provide. Value creation + Respect for human = Management philosophy

We created our company in desperation that tries to solve the problem in the treatment of IV with doctor’s medical
experience as a word “Necessity is the mother of invention.”.
The trial and error at the beginning gave the opportunity to identify the broadest issues of overall problems in IV treatment,
And the sense of vocation motivated to solve the fundamental matters through a scientific approach rather than give up.
Now we have found the answer and made base on reliable IV treatment ourselves.
We will grow into better business to be more devoted to advance further research as well as interested in healthcare environments.
As one verse of Eastern philosophy, Hanvit MD has devoted the mind that sincerity from a little one is the way to change the world.

We think it is the new beginning and now will move on to be loved by everyone.
Hanvit MD believes the value should be able to share with everyone rather than alone, grow and be developed.
Let dreams and value with you.