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IVIC<sup>®</sup> PRO


IVIC® PRO is a medical device allowing easy and precise control and measurement of IV flow rate. Portable device without requirements for connecting to IV set can be administered to multiple patients, and calculation of precise IV injection time enhances job efficiency.

IV drip metronome

A nurse inputs the doctor’s prescription directly into the IVIC® PRO.
The device calculates the flow rate and generates a clicking sound like a metronome in music.
This allows the nurse to adjust the drips(by matching) to the corresponding sound intervals.

IV flow rate measurement (Metrics Mode)

This modes allows nurses to get information about the in-progress flow rate.
To do this, the nurse simply needs to press the Count button 4 times, matching the drops as they fall into the drip chamber. The flow rate is displayed on the screen.

Memory & Timer

The IVIC® PRO memory allows users to save prescriptions for multiple patients.
Also, the device calculates the residual treatment time and an alarm sounds at the end of the IV therapy.

Regulator Mode

This mode can be used to help the nurse adjust the dial on the regulator from its initial setting to the actual target position of IV flow regulator by correcting for differences caused by height of the IV bag, fluid type, temperature and patient’s conditions in their given IV state.

Features & Advantages

  • 1Do smart calculation of IV drip intervals
  • 2Set the drip intervals precisely
  • 3Check ongoing flow rates and allow for corrections during IV treatment
  • 4Store the most frequently used flow rate for easy access
  • 5Shows residual treatment time and sounds alarm at the end of treatment